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FAQs Texas Public Insurance  Adjuster

Who’s on your side when you have an insurance claim in Texas? Public Adjusters!

What’s the difference between a Texas public adjuster and the insurance adjuster from my insurance company?
The answer to that question is actually in the question itself. A Texas public adjuster serves the public while the insurance adjuster serves the insurance company for which he works. Who do you think will be more thorough when inspecting your home for covered losses, a public insurance adjuster who gets paid by you or an insurance adjuster who gets paid by the insurance company? A public adjuster is paid based on how much the claim is ultimately settled. Therefore, the higher the final settlement, the more the public adjuster gets paid.

How do public adjusters get paid?
In Texas, public adjusters get paid a percentage of the final settlement. The limit is ten percent. For example, if your total insurance claim settles for $30,000, the most that the public adjuster in Texas will be paid is $3,000. Since the payment is taken out of the settlement, you do not need to come up with upfront money or take out a loan in order to work with a public adjuster. In addition, if you already have a settlement offer and hire a public adjuster to negotiate a better offer, if a higher offer does not result, then the public adjuster does not get paid.

Will the public adjuster try to sell me insurance?
No. Public adjusters are licensed as public insurance adjusters. They are not licensed to sell insurance.

Should I hire a public adjuster or do it myself?
It depends. How complex is the insurance claim? How extensive is the damage? How much free time do you have? How knowledgeable are you in insurance contracts? How good are you at negotiating? How aggressive are you when it comes to insisting on your rights? A public adjuster is well-versed in the ins and outs of insurance policies and is highly motivated to ensure that a maximum settlement is reached. Reaching the maximum settlement requires attention to detail, hard work, and excellent negotiations skills. Even a simple claim such as a broken water pipe can lead to a mountain of paperwork and result in hard-to-spot damage.  

What are the licensing requirements for Texas public adjusters?
Texas requires all public adjusters in the state to post a $10,000 public adjusters bond and pass an extensive licensing examination. Regulations are in place limiting how much Texas public adjusters can charge.

Will I get paid faster by using a public adjuster?
Texas has insurance laws requiring prompt payment. However, if incomplete paperwork is submitted to the insurance company, the insurance company can delay payment until further documentation is provided. Public adjusters understand insurance forms and requirements and go to great lengths to ensure completeness. Because the paperwork has been filled out thoroughly, stalls related to requests for further documentation are rare.

What types of insurance claims qualify for help by a public adjuster?
A public insurance adjuster can handle virtually any type of insurance claim that you may have including residential insurance claims and business claims. Whether your home or business has been damaged by a storm, flood, fire, explosion, tornado, hailstorm, high winds, or vandals, a public insurance adjuster can help.

I pay for insurance and am entitled to a fair claim. Why should I pay an independent adjuster to get what my insurance company owes me?
If you want to get everything that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy, you can ensure that you get it by hiring a public adjuster to carefully review your policy and scour your damage for every possible covered loss. While we’d like to think that the insurance company will be thorough in their assessments, this doesn’t always happen because the burden of proof is on you, not the insurance company. It is up to you to claim everything that you can. By hiring a public adjuster, you will have an independent professional working on your behalf to uncover everything for which you are entitled. This includes making sure that estimates take into account the appropriate types of building materials as well as Texas-specific building codes and permits with which your out-of-area insurance company adjuster may be unaware.