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Service Texas Public Insurance  Adjuster

Texas public adjusters specialize in representing the insurance needs of the general public. In Texas, insurance claims often result after:
• Wildfires
• Home fires
• Tornados and high winds
• Hurricanes and tropical storms
• Thunderstorms
• Lightning
• Floods
• Theft and vandalism
• Hailstorms
• Explosions
• Building collapses

Texas public adjusters assist policyholders after these events as well as under other circumstances such as when a policyholder has received an unsatisfactory settlement offer or a denial letter. Whether you’ve already filed your insurance claim in Texas or have yet to fill out the first form, let a public adjuster represent your interests.

Remember that Texas Public Adjusters represent you, the policyholder, not the insurance company. This distinction is critical. An insurance company adjuster may be a nice, knowledgeable professional doing his job. However, the burden of proving your losses is not his business. That burden is yours. But it is not necessarily yours alone. Instead, hire a public adjuster and let the adjuster share in that burden. A public adjuster typically performs the following services in exchange for a small percentage of the final settlement:
• Files all necessary paperwork
• Reviews insurance policy
• Conducts a thorough inspection of the damage
• Inventories all lost items
• Estimates all structural damage
• Searches for hidden damage
• Documents the damage with digital pictures, notes, and diagrams
• Prepares a comprehensive package detailing your insurance claim, losses suffered, and expected  expenses

• Negotiates with the insurance company including negotiations dealing with denied claims or unsatisfactory settlement offers

• Represents your interests

While many policyholders opt to file their own claims, it’s important to note that filing insurance claims is a complex process that most people never need to do. Being unfamiliar with insurance terminology, rebuilding costs, paperwork requirements, and the insurance claims process in general leads to confusion and the potential for unsatisfactory settlement offers. By hiring a public adjuster who files insurance claims on a daily basis, you are more likely to be satisfied with the final settlement offer.

Whether you’ve suffered a devastating loss or are getting the runaround with your insurance company, hiring a Texas public adjuster can bring you immediate relief. Texas public adjusters understand the complexities involved in filing insurance claims and rebuilding homes in the area. Hire a public adjuster and rest assured that your claim will progress smoothly and satisfactorily under the watchful eye of an insurance professional who works only for you.